Wood Burning Fireplace

Wildflower Event Center would like to introduce our new wood burning fireplace. Every now and then we love to expand the venue and add on new and improved amenities. We are so pleased with the turnout of our most recent project. After months of construction, we can finally say we have completed our newest addition to the event center. Our new wood burning fireplace is sure to bring an extra warm and cozy vibe to any gathering. 
To brighten up the wood burning fireplace even more, we will be adding some greenery around the exterior of the fireplace. We will also be doing some landscaping around and behind the fireplace to make it even more magical for our visitors. This is the perfect spot for either an outdoor winter elopement, a cozy cocktail hour, or even for your next family photoshoot! To see more of the wood burning fireplace in action, follow along with us on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/wildflower_event_center/?hl=en
We are so greatful that we are able to bring our ideas to life. We are blessed to have the owner of Wildflower Event Center, Bob, who is always working hard around the venue. His latest project was to build the wood burning fireplace and he did a great job! Thanks to him and the long hours he put in; we now have a great outdoor area for all to enjoy here at Wildflower! 
We are so excited to see all of the upcoming events that will take place around our new and cozy wood burning fireplace. For any questions about the venue and booking with us click here: https://wildflowerec.com/wedding-appointements/